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Nishitani Keiji on Nicholas Berdyaev

In The Self-Overcoming of Nihilism, Nishitani discusses the problem of nihilism in western philosophy, presenting a genealogy of sorts that includes a variety of intriguing figures. There is an entire chapter entiteld “Nihilism in Russia,” and Berdyaev curiously appears in … Continue reading

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Berdyaev on Creative Dogmatism

In Repetition, Constantinus suggests that repetition is the “condition sine qua non for every issue of dogmatics” (324). That got me thinking, of course. Dogmatics is a dirty word in philosophy these days, and the reputation is not unwarranted. But … Continue reading

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Vladimir Solovyov on the Tyranny of Economics

I recently purchased an excellent book by Vladimir Solovyov (1853-1900), one of Russia’s towering figures of philosophy, entitled The Justification of the Good. Solovyov is the perfect example of a thinker whose tough philosophical mumbo jumbo actually has real effects … Continue reading

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