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Berdyaev on the Nature of Spirit and Reality in Relation to Apologetics

From “The Scientific Discipline of Religion and Christian Apologetics” by Berdyaev (notes link to the original page): Of principal significance for the science of religion is the philosophic problem concerning the character and criterion of reality. There are certain who … Continue reading

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There Where at Each Moment One is Staking One’s Life

“In a minute I shall be there where my soul longs to be, there where ideas spume with elemental fury, where thoughts arise uproariously like nations in migration, there where at other times there is a stillness like the deep … Continue reading

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Berdyaev on Creative Dogmatism

In Repetition, Constantinus suggests that repetition is the “condition sine qua non for every issue of dogmatics” (324). That got me thinking, of course. Dogmatics is a dirty word in philosophy these days, and the reputation is not unwarranted. But … Continue reading

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A reflection on writing from Judge William

Another great gem from Either/Or II, found immediately preceding the parable about the giant: Dixi et animam meam liberavi [I have spoken and unburdened my soul], not as though up to now my soul had been ensnared and just now … Continue reading

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A Serbian Parable in Either/Or II

As a seminar at St. Olaf, we are reading through Either/Or part II right now. I realize it’s a cumbersome text, but to be honest I actually enjoy reading it more than many it seems. It’s not my first time … Continue reading

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An Upbuilding Thought: Forget the Difference

  –Søren Kierkegaard, Eighteen Upbuilding Discourses, 141-142

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Vladimir Solovyov on the Tyranny of Economics

I recently purchased an excellent book by Vladimir Solovyov (1853-1900), one of Russia’s towering figures of philosophy, entitled The Justification of the Good. Solovyov is the perfect example of a thinker whose tough philosophical mumbo jumbo actually has real effects … Continue reading

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