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Habermas Replies to Rorty

In my search for a reasonable referent for the term “philosophy,” thereby shedding some light on what some philosophers have called “anti-philosophy,” I have to admit that a survey of the last hundred years of thinking on that issue has … Continue reading

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Richard Rorty’s Anti-Philosophy

This fall, I’ve been reading After Philosophy: End or Transformation? It’s an excellent anthology, collecting seminal essays from both analytic and continental circles, which explores the crisis of philosophy happening in the discipline irrespective of stylistic or geographical allegiances. I’ve … Continue reading

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Excursions with Edward F. Mooney Pt. I

Excursions with Edward F. Mooney Part I: Style, Lyricism, and Lost Intimacy This post is part of an ongoing series. Part II. Part III. Here is the first part of my interview with Ed Mooney. I first encountered Ed’s work … Continue reading

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Developments in Studying Repetition

I’ve been reading quite a bit and feel like I’m inches away from cracking this slippery concept. A lot of my conclusions seem elementary now, but I’m glad to have gotten here. Here are some further developments I’m noting: In … Continue reading

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